Life From  a Different Perspective


I haven’t always used a wheelchair. Some people see it as confining, I say it liberated me!



I spent my life being busy, rushing around, and getting stressed out. I did not take the time to notice the world around me. Life felt tough. Yes some have had it tougher, and some seem to have had an easy ride. Let’s just say, life has left me with scars: some you can see, some you can’t.


Yes, the question is still there! How has life with a wheelchair set me free?


When my chronic illness first hit me, I became confined, both by my physical health deteriorating, and the feelings of isolation and uselessness. I needed a way to break the cycle. Enter Pip, my awesome little terrier. She needed rescuing, and as I later realised, so did I. We started healing each other. Walks with her began to open my eyes and my mind. My legs became unreliable preventing our new found freedom, so getting the wheelchair opened the door to a world of possibilities and challenges.


My ‘theory of ooh’ is the way I create. Life and the the world around us interact in so many incredible ways. If something makes me go ‘ooh’, then I want to share it. After all, if it makes me say ‘ooh’, it should make someone else say ‘ooh’.


Pip and I continue our adventures searching for ‘ooh’ moments and inspiration. Feel free to follow us.

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